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cankor etiket kartelaLabeling...
that has become a giant industry by striving for shaping the advancement of human kind with its 3000 year old history on the earth, and by widening its scope day by day

.... An organization that serves this industry with an expert staff and high technology in Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Region since 1993.


Following a policy that is sensitive to its customers as well as the market it serves by aiming for a continuous change instead of being content with its current position ever since its foundation, CANKOR PACKAGING has the principle of applying the same care and solemnity in every step of the way from design to delivery, and of responding to the requests and demands of
valued customers like you.

We continue to provide Professional printing solutions with no compromise on our quality principles from our first day in order to provide the best services with our closed space of 3000 m2 located in Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Region.


Do yo know what we resolve for you?

We produce labels that have a feature of adhesion depending on the area of use; and

We provide special services to the industry.

Our Labels;

  • Can be removed from glass surfaces with no trace. Glass surfaces are sparkling.
  • Can endure fire up to 800 to 1000 degrees in iron-steel industry. So it is fireproof.
  • Can tolerate until -60 degrees in deepfreeze with no compromise on quality. They are as brave as the ice man.
  • You can easily affix them to your textile products. Since our labels leave neither naps on the label nor label stains on the fabric. One could not trace us.
  • Can be used in all hard and textured products, including automotive industry, and maintain their durability by enduring difficult conditions of transportation. As sticky as a tick.
  • First we analyze your product, then we produce the label that is most suited to you.

Because we are extending our portfolio of friends, not customer...


All about labels... Professional printing solutions for all sectors.

bureau-veritas ISO 9001

  • A.O.S.B. 10041 Sk. No:14 Çiğli - İzmir - Turkiye
  • 00 90 232 328 18 11