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It is a fundamental policy of our company

cankor etiket kurumsal

  • To work constantly in order to make improvements towards the quality objectives with joint participation and efforts of all our employees;
  • Provide the level of quality that would meet the needs and expectations of our customers with trained technical employees; and
  • To strive for being the leader in quality depending on the environment of competition in the labeling industry.


Our Vision

  • Preserve and improve our quality and reliability
  • Closely follow and implement technology
  • Keep the team spirit alive of all employees that constitute CANKOR
  • Strengthen our position with our investments among national and regional companies with a momentum that increases every year


Our Mission

  • Continue our policy of Unconditioned Customer Satisfaction that is the fundamental principle of our company
  • Provide high quality professional products to our customers within the shortest time
  • Establish friendships with our customers that always builds on long-term mutual trust, respect and affection rather than short-term, profit-oriented agreements
  • Provide a solution-oriented service and friendliness to our customers with no compromise of quality in accordance with our national, regional, economic, and cultural realities with modern techniques and methods.


cankor etiketOur Values

  • Serve with a staff consisting of educated and experienced experts
  • Embrace the philosophy of "always being the best"
  • Comply with the principles of honest work and superior business ethics
  • Overcome all obstacles that we encounter
  • Be competitive and professional
  • Display a behavior of timely decision-making and determination
  • Support the Turkish economy that we take our power from


Cankor Etiket

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